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Equitable, inclusive care.


The Parkinson Council commits to increasing our advocacy for equity, diversity, and social justice as we seek solutions to ensure everyone can access high-quality, barrier-free Parkinson’s care.

A part of The Parkinson Council’s mission is to recognize unequal access to care and to reach out to people of color through our grantees’ work, our education work, and our support of outreach into communities of color to educate and empower about Parkinson’s disease. We recognize that healthcare disparities have led to the under-diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in communities of color. At the same time, unequal access to healthcare, resulting in a lack of treatment and resources, continues to widen those disparities. The Parkinson Council is taking critical steps and engaging in hard but vital dialogue to make changes and forge a path that leads to true equity. 

Diversity PD
As part of our ongoing commitment to local families impacted by Parkinson’s disease, The Parkinson Council is a collaborative partner and one of the founding members of Delaware Valley Endeavor for Racial SolidarITY in PD (Diversity PD).

Funded by a grant from Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s, DIVERSITY PD’s primary goal is to build trust within traditionally underserved communities to ensure an efficient and effective pathway and access to high-quality, comprehensive Parkinson’s care. Regional stakeholders include movement disorders specialists, social workers, rehab professionals, and faith-based organizations.