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Funding the Future


The Parkinson Council invested $326,102 in grant funding to local organizations for 2024.

Dan Aaron Stay Fit Exercise Program at Arcadia

  • Stay Fit Exercise Program – Funding for salaries and benefits for one PT to staff the Stay Fit virtual classes, compensation for one PT to lead in-person classes, and supplies.

Cooper Neurological Institute/Cooper University Hospital

  • Funding to provide salary support for one part-time licensed clinical social worker for family counseling, health benefits navigation, and facilitating contact with local support groups.

Thomas Jefferson University

  • Continuation of work that optimized mDA differentiation protocol imaging of maturing cells into mDA neurons to harvest for enrichment to eliminate potential contaminating phenotypes that develop from non-mDA progenitors in culture.
  • Funding for a Jefferson Palliative Care nurse practitioner (New Funding!)
  • Home Visit Program.

Moss Rehab

  • Funding support for PT and Aides to continue three in-person sessions a week in Elkins Park and an additional second weekly session in the Olney neighborhood.

Music Matters

  • Funding support for choir meetings and activities.

Penn Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center

  • Nurse Educator to lead professional in-service programs to health care workers in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and home care providers; manage (2) multidisciplinary clinics monthly; and initiate a case management protocol for patients experiencing psychosis in order to avoid crisis situations.
  • Counseling – Salary support (partial) for social worker.
  • Social Worker – Funding support for counseling program.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • Funding support for a coordinator, educator, supplies, parking, and technology for 20 workshops offered in a hybrid format (virtual and in-person).

Temple Health

  • Funding for an outpatient medical social worker to do outreach and education with a focus on DBS.

University of Delaware – Nurse Managed Care Center

  • Comprehensive care and treatment, including psychological and carepartner support.

Movement Programs (Virtual and In-Person):