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12 W. Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

2022 Grants: Invitation Only 

Where We Serve

The Parkinson Council’s mission is to raise funds to provide financial grants to greater Philadelphia based entities dedicated to:

  • Promoting research into the causes of and cure for Parkinson’s disease and quality of life issues;
  • Educating people with Parkinson’s, care-partners, health professionals and the general public about Parkinson’s Disease; and
  • Improving the quality of life for patients and their care-partners.

The Council provides financial grants in the following areas:

  • Research initiatives that may lead to improved quality of life, improved symptomatic relief from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, and has the potential to lead towards the cause or cure for Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Activities that bring awareness of Parkinson’s disease to the medical, general and underserved communities through advocacy and education.
  • Support for emotional and physical needs that have the potential to improve symptoms and enhance quality of life for the person and care-partner.
  • Support groups for patients and care-partners.

Who’s Eligible?

To be eligible for 2022 grant funding, your organization must be invited to submit and be:

  • Located in the Greater Delaware Valley.
  • A federal and state approved non-profit.
  • In good financial standing.
  • Able to receive and administer grant funds with the appropriate organizational capabilities.

Potential and current grantees should contact Wendy R. Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, at 610.668.4292 with any questions. 

The Parkinson Council does not make grants to individuals, government agencies, or for capital building or lobbying purposes.

Grantees Invited to Submit

Key dates

3 p.m., Friday, November 5, 2021
Funding applications must be received

Monday, December 16, 2021
Funding awards will be announced

Monday, January 6, 2022
Funding can be expected 

The Parkinson Council’s grant cycle is a one-year cycle from January 1 through December 31, 2022.

We will confirm receipt of your application via email. It is your responsibility to ensure that all application requirements are completed.