Care Partners and Family Members

You're In This Together.

When someone close to you has Parkinson’s, your life changes.  Here’s how you can help them, and yourself.

We’re lucky to live in one of the great healthcare centers in the U.S, so you can get expert care right here. And of course, there’s even more support online.

Parkinson Disease (PD) is a chronic neurological condition named after Dr. James Parkinson, the London physician who described it in 1817. Parkinson’s is a type of movement disorder. It happens when nerve cells (neurons) in the brain don’t produce enough of a brain chemical called dopamine, a chemical that’s vital to movement.

National Family Caregiver Association
This nonprofit organization offers tips on finding resources in your community and hosts free workshops (online and in-person) on topics such as “Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professionals.”  To learn more, call (800) 896-3650 or visit   

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)
FCA is a nonprofit organization that publishes informational publications and provides local and national support programs, including the Family Care Navigator, a state-by-state, online guide to help you locate government, nonprofit, and private caregiver support services.  To learn more, call (800) 445-8106 or visit

National Alliance for Caregiving
A national nonprofit, the Alliance performs research and legislative work and also helps caregivers to find local resources with its “Family Care Resource Connection.”  To learn more, email or visit

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