2017 Grant Recipients

The Parkinson Council is providing $400,000 in funding to local organizations in 2017.

Abington – Jefferson Health

  • Funding for two Nurse Navigators (in-patient and out-patient) responsible for delivering direct patient care, including initial contact for care-partners; identify gaps in care and identify partners and patients to refer to ancillary programs.

Dan Aaron Stay Fit Exercise Program at Arcadia

  • Stay Fit Exercise Program – Funding requested for salary and operational support of the Stay Fit Program (one of three semesters).

Cooper Neurological Institute/Cooper University Hospital

  • Funding to provide salary support for one part-time social worker for family counseling, health benefit navigation and facilitate contact with local support groups.

Good Shepherd/Penn Partners

  • Funding to support Jean Feldman Memorial Rehab Conference and “Attention Processing Training Program” to deliver individualized therapeutic activities and exercises for development and implementation of cognitive rehabilitation programs via computer.

Thomas Jefferson University

  • Dr. Jingli Cai and her team will continue their work to examine novel ways of suppressing the activity of the mutated enzyme LRRK2 which underlie both the familial and sporadic forms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Dr. Tsao-Wei Liang, Director of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Program, received renewed salary support for the clinical care coordinator, community outreach and education, the home care visitation program, and creation of a clinical fellowship program.
  • Dr. Schneider’s project “Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Gene Delivery Affecting Novel Pathways for Protection of Dopamine Neurons in a Parkinson’s Disease Model” builds on preliminary discoveries regarding deficiency of GM1 a ganglioside affecting neuronal plasticity and repair in the substantia nigra.

Moss Rehab

  • Requesting additional funding to continue the support and expansion of MossRehab Parkinson’s Disease Maintenance Program.

Music Matters 

  • Funding to support to sustain and expand Center City choir, ParkinSingers, and initiatives to reach a more diverse community.  

Penn Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center

  • Improving Apathy in Parkinson’s Disease: Funding to refine smartphone app-based behavioral intervention to treat apathy with input from patient and care-partner stakeholders.
  • For Comprehensive Care
    • Nurse Case Manager
    • Counseling Program
    • Fellowship Program – To increase the field of Movement Disorder professionals.
  • Outreach Program – To educate and raise awareness about the impact of Parkinson’s to traditionally underserved populations.

SOWN (Supportive Older Women’s Network) 

  • Funding to support the continuation of the Parkinson’s Care Partners Telegroup program, an innovative approach to disease management and emotional support for care-partners of family members and loved ones with Parkinson’s disease. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • Funding to support Accessible Art Program for People with Parkinson’s and their Care-Partners that offers painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.

Temple University Movement Disorders Center, Lewis Katz School of Medicine 

  • Funding to support a part-time Clinical Outreach Coordinator to assist the Director of Movement Disorders in educating the public in and around North Philadelphia and connect patients with resources to increase understanding and improve health.

University of Delaware – Nurse Managed Care Center

  • The project goals are to:
    • Increase available teleheath appointments with Movement Disorder Specialist (MDS) by 50%
    • Continue to provide local access to specialized and advanced care for people with PD
    • Enhance the interactive education provided for people with PD, their families and community health providers
    • Expand the scope of care provided by the PD clinic’s care coordinator and PT
    • Continue to collect data to inform the longitudinal research study about people with PD

Movement Programs:

  • 954 Movement Collective
  • Dance for PD in Abington, Bryn Mawr and West Chester
  • Penn School of Nursing Yoga
  • Rock Steady Boxing – Manayunk
  • Yoga Evolution
  • Yoga for People with Parkinson’s

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to provide financial support to local nonprofits and institutions dedicated to improving the quality of life for Parkinson’s disease patients, their families and care-partners. Compassionate dedication is the core value we live by. And our vision is to “touch the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease every day.”  It is also our mantra.